I learned from some of the best service producers in Denmark during my fulltime employment for two years. Working with only international clients that come to Scandinavia for their Productions, has given me high level knowledge of working with big as well as small productions. Since going freelance the experiences that I took with me from my former employer have given me everything and more for taking on new clients and colleges.

Below I have listed some of my main skills for you to gain an overview of what I am capable of working with.

Accommodations can be tricky. Copenhagen can for instance be very busy for weeks and weeks where hotel cost rise quickly. If you need recommendations for hotels or even need help finding and booking the rooms for your stay I will gladly assist you I this matter. Some hotels are more flexible than others. At times it can be frustrating handling the hotels policies and sometimes it helps, if you have a person who is local and knows the hotels. There are also companies that only are set out on handling hotel bookings for film crews in Copenhagen.

My experience over the past couple of years have thought me that scheduling is essential for a successful production plan. Whether working with templates already accessible to me or templates the clients wish to use. I will use whatever the client wishes to for them to feel that the scheduling is taking care of. Important is to make an easy to read, with all important details and not to chaotic schedule. This is something I also value highly.

Over the past few years I have worked with some of the best crews we have here in Denmark. Everyone knows everyone so working with a Danish crew is like having a big family on set. There are months that are busier than others, as it is the case everywhere. But if you want the best crew it is always a good idea to set options on people in the beginning of the process and being clear about what is essential to your team.

Catering is essential for productions. Without proper meals the shooting days will become long once. I have worked with catering companies who have years of experience when it comes to catering for the media industry. Depending on your food preferences and cost we will find a good catering solution together. Most common in Denmark is hot boxing catering. Unfortunately, food trucks on set are not big in Denmark. But this might change in the future.

Putting together a Budget for your Production is a must. Together we find the best solutions. I will put together a Budget that of course is fully transparent for you. Every change we make an updated version will always be ready for you.

Renting cars, airport- and hotel pick-ups are all things that make life easier when arriving in Denmark. For me to make the best possible transportation schedule I need you to send me every flight and hotel detail as early on as possible. Then I can make sure that airport pick-ups and transitions are arrange and travel from hotel to locations are planned for. The more information early in the process the better time I will have for car hire, driver hire etc.


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