Yannick Wolff is a german portrait, advertising and sports photographer based in Frankfurt and Copenhagen.

Yannick was born on october 13th of 1992.

He grew up doing many different sports such as basketball, surfing, windsurfing, volleyball, also swimming as a competitive swimmer for more than 10 years. Next to doing many different sports he was travelling around europe with his parents and older brother for years exploring many different places , people and cultures starting in a young age.

He discovered his passion for photography as an early teenager during a time around 2006 where a lot of different model and photo related TV shows were first coming out in Germany. Since then he self-educated himself all the photo and post production techniques needed.

During his years at an academic university studying media, sports and event management, yannick continued to further pursue and develop his interest in professional photography.

Shortly after graduating, he interned under and worked alongside the Los Angeles based photographer, Brian Bowen Smith, where he discovered and developed his style and technique.

He is working to continually develop and perfect his photography day by day.

Yannick is working professionally as a photographer since 2013 with clients such as Fraport Skyliners, Falken, Ear Labs, Lobster&Lemonade ; agencies like Above, Howl Design Studios as well as many different model agencies and musicians, artists, athletes and celebrities including Steven Gätjen, Danilo Barthel, Laurinho Walch, THURZ, Chasing Kurt, Achilles & One and more.






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